Hi there!
My name is
Tomáš Pastýřík
and I am a programmer.

What I do and enjoy

I am a graduate of Master Degree in Computer Graphics and Interaction at Czech Technical University in Prague.
I enjoy games development, data visualization, 3D modeling and animation as well as web technologies.

Take a look!

Some of my projects

  • Visualization of inner structure of complex 3D objects based on opacity modulation (2015)

    Demonstration of my
    Master's Thesis implementation,

    built with C++, OpenGL, GLSL and Qt.

  • Stone Rush Game (2014)

    Game for web browsers combining 2D platformer style with tetris.

    built with Javascript, WebGL, HTML5, CCS3.

  • Screen Space Soft Shadows (2013)

    Soft shadows implementation where size of a penumbra depends mainly on the distance from the occluder.

    built with C++, OpenGL, GLSL.

  • Space Arcade (2011)

    Game developed as a semestral project during Computer Games and Animations course,

    built with C# and XNA framework.

  • Mr. Bottle 3D Animation (2011)

    Short film as result of A7B39KMA course.

    I. place in category 3D Animation
    at SEMESTRÁLE VII exhibition

How do I do it?

C++, OpenGL, GLSL, CUDA, QT, Java, Javascript, PHP - Nette, SQL - Doctrine2,
HTML5 & CCS3, LaTex and anything needed to use given by the task.

Download my structured resume

Contact me!

Twitter, Facebook, Github
E-mail: mail@tomaspastyrik.cz